What is Yammer

Yammer is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) that is part of the Office 365 stack of applications. It allows for social media orientated communication with users inside or outside of your organization.

“We were looking for a tool to keep our company connected. Something like an enterprise version of Twitter would have been ideal, but it didn’t exist. So we built our own.” – Founder, David Sacks.

Yammer is an informal enough place for employees to post jokes and have fun, but is also formal enough to be used within a workplace, and internal company achievements should be featured within. Did your sales department just smash a massive deal for the company? That should be posted for all to see on Yammer. It is designed to be a great way for each office to communicate internally while allowing other offices to join in via comments and get a feel for their colleagues’ culture.

yammer usage example


Used by over 85% of fortune 500 companies worldwide, Yammer is the go-to app for company wide communication and can be a fantastic tool for many different sectors of your organisation who are looking to communicate and collaborate with the rest of the company with ease.


As a manager, it’s easy to send out email shots to everyone across the company with news or announcements. Unfortunately, this tends to be a one-way communication and can often leave employees feeling unengaged. Yammer allows the management team to connect in a more informal way, re-engaging with employees.


Human Resources might use Yammer to communicate groupwide bonus information or consultation info, whereas rather than sending company newsletters via email which get deleted straight away. Yammer can also be used to ‘drip-feed’ news and announcements, where employees can ‘like’ and comment, be more involved with the organisation and as such become an even more valuable asset to the company.


Yammer is available to Office 365 users on these license plans: Business Essentials, Business Premium, Enterprise E1, E3, E5 and F1.

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